Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Glynhill last post

I enjoyed the opportunity to be the 'official blogger' from the Glynhill Ladies International at the weekend. This is my final post about the event, really just to wrap up a few odds and ends. I was impressed at how many curling fans and spectators turned up to see some of the play. Above shows just a few, close to the ice. The Braehead rink had a good buzz about it this year.

The hotel sponsorship is a good one too. I had attended many functions at the Glynhill, but not stayed overnight before. There were a host of other sponsors, including, for the first time, the Royal Club's Ladies Branch. Arriva's bus was great, shuttling between the Braehead rink and the hotel, and the Mitchell's Hire Drive minibuses were much in action.

I came in contact often with those in charge of the transportation. I endeavoured to get a photo of the main players together, Ranald Findlay and Andrew Cousar, and eventually succeeded, above. After many years looking after this aspect of big curling events in the Glasgow area, they are now retiring. And will be much missed. They were still working yesterday. Andrew was up in the middle of the night to make sure the USA team were at the airport soon after four.

Retiral was the word of the weekend. Co-chairmen Kirsty Letton and Judith McFarlane are both stepping aside now, as is Ian Mackin, the webmaster.

Edith Loudon has agreed to be the foreign team liaison for a future event, although who will chair the Glynhill committee is uncertain. I do hope the event can continue, and that sponsorship can be found to enable it to do so. Scotland does need a women's Curling Champions Tour event!

Right, I have a few more photos to post. Here is just one of mine that got overlooked as a possibility for a caption competition.

"Russian team wishes their Japanese opposition 'Good Curling.'"

I took a few pics of the final, but rather than put these up, here are six more Rick's Picks from the final day, by Richard Gray. Remember that you can click on each photo to bring it up at a larger size.

Sara Carlsson

Bingyu Wang

Hard at work!

Kelly Wood

Eve Muirhead

Mirjam Ott and team in action. Now, how does Richard get that effect?

Pics by Bob Cowan and Richard Gray.