Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday's ramblings

Dawn breaks over the Braehead curling rink on the last day of the Glynhill Ladies International.

Life is but a helter skelter, going downhill fast it seems!

Kirsty Letton, on right, with some of her volunteers, L-R Nan Young, Nanette Davidson, Meta Eccleston.

Brian Martin has a stall at the event. We like the wee curling stones of course. Ailsa Craig Jewellery.

Lorna, Kelly and Eve have some ideas for a future 'It's a Knockout' on ice at Braehead!

You will have heard that the World Curling Federation is looking at ways of 'improving' the sport. Like doing away with tiebreakers and extra ends and so on. Skip Cottage would like to put forward this idea for making the game more interesting - funny shaped circles! I think it would be a goer!

Well done to Arriva for their sponsorship and this shuttle, here driven by Hamish MacAskill, which ferried the teams to and from the Glynhill hotel. And I didn't even need to show my bus pass!

This is Greig Black of Black-Noir Decorative Glass has wee stones too!

VIP seating for the final.

Co-Chairman Judith McFarlane after a hard Saturday!

Anne Airey mans the RCCC Ladies Branch stall.

Special transport arrangements await the winning team!