Monday, January 04, 2010

Grand Match 2010?

There's been one question in many minds for the last ten days or so, "Is there any possibility of a Grand Match in 2010?" There have only been three since the war, in 1959 on Loch Leven and in 1963 and 1979 on the Lake of Menteith. The story of the last is well told here.

Bill Marshall, the RCCC President, posted a short note on the Royal Club's website on December 29 which said, "We are conscious that, with the current spell of cold weather, people will be keen to know about the possibilities for a Grand Match. There is not much snow at present on Loch Leven but more is forecast for today. It is beginning to freeze but must reach 7 inches. There is no information at the moment regarding Piper Dam."

The post concluded, "We will post further News Items here when we have more information."

Well, Bill, yes, we are keen to know. And I for one think it is a failure of the Royal Club that you haven't been updating us daily on these possibilities (and perhaps explaining the difficulties, which most will be unaware of). I know the Royal Club doesn't pay much attention to the Scottish Curling Forum, but perhaps someone on the Board might just look at the strength of feeling in the thread here. It's the lack of information from Cairnie House over the holiday period that is the main concern, although lots of other questions have been raised.

Communication has never been the strongpoint of our sport's governing body. We are but four days into a new year and already the Royal Club seems to have spectacularly shot itself in its foot. I had hoped things were changing. "Yes, Bob, communication with our members is top of our agenda," was what I was told last year and the lesson I had hoped the Club had learned.

But apparently not.

I was fortunate to have played in 1979 with the Carmunnock and Rutherglen Club. These are two of the photos I took then. I wish I had taken more!