Saturday, January 16, 2010

Glynhill Saturday 4

Right, pour yourself a cup of coffee and try one of Liz Paul's special biscuits while I try to explain what's happened in Sections C and D at the Glynhill today.

Section C first of all. Bingyu Wang's Chinese were on four wins, and were safely through to the quarterfinals. Claire Milne, Cissi Ostlund and Liudmila Privivikova were all on two wins. Milne was first off the ice with a win over the Hannah Fleming team. Three wins was their final tally. Cissi Ostlund beat Karina Toth's Austrians, just, to give them three wins also. And the Chinese just edged the Russians, to put them out of it. There would be an eight end tiebreaker involving Milne and Ostlund.

The linescores are here. The standings are here.

Section D. Debbie McCormick (three wins) faced Gail Munro (two wins). Gail stole a three when Debbie was heavy with a draw, and was three up playing the last. Team Munro now had three wins too. Silvana Tirinzoni (three wins) was against Angela Jensen (two wins), and lost. That put the Swiss and the Danes both on three wins. Anna Sloan beat Daria Kozlova in the other match in that section, and the young Scots were on three wins also. Five teams all on the same win-loss record! I told you you would need that coffee. The umpires needed something stronger.

The teams could not be ranked on record against each other, and the average draw shot distance was used to get the ranking: 1. McCormick, 2 Jensen, 3 Sloan, 4 Munro, 5 Tirinzoni. How do we get two teams from this? McCormick would sit out the first round of 6-end tiebreaks to meet the winner of Munro and Tirinzoni. Jensen would play Sloan, the winner going through, that game eight ends (or six ends as I've now been told - by a different umpire).

Anyway, the linescores are here. The standings are here.

These girls were at the rink today looking for a game. For those of you who have never visited Braehead, it's a large cartoon over the far end of the rink, drawn by the late, and much missed Rod McLeod.