Friday, January 15, 2010

Glynhill Friday 1

Twenty-four teams are competing in the Glynhill Ladies International at Braehead. They play in four sections, so each team will have five games in the preliminary rounds. The top two teams in each section qualify for the quarterfinals on Sunday.

Sections A and B were on the ice at the brisk hour of 08.00 this morning. Section A contains Kirstin Skaslien from Norway, Anna Sidorova of Russia (but note below), Mirjam Ott of Switzerland, Kirsty Balfour's English and two Scottish teams skipped by Judith McFarlane and Sarah Reid.

Section B has Eve Muirhead's Team GB, Karin Rudstrom's Swedes, Binia Feltscher-Beeli from Switzerland, Moe Meguro from Japan, Shari Leibbrandt from the Netherlands and Gillian Howard's Scots.

The draw is here, and the results and end-by-end scores are here.

A couple of pics to give you a flavour of the morning. Section A first of all.

Here are the Russians. Olga Jarkova skipped this team, one of three Russian sides at the Glynhill.

And here's Olga!

The Russian opposition was the Kirstin Skaslien team. Here's Kirstin. Blond of the Day anyone?

Playing last stones for the young Norwegian side was Anneline Skarsmoen. The Russians won this one.

Our own Judith McFarlane was up against Mirjam Ott this morning, but the Swiss Olympic reps ran out 8-3 in front.

Sarah Reid's team also got their first round win against Kirsty Balfour's English side.

And from Section B:

Shari Leibbrandt of the Netherlands...

... faced Moe Meguro of Japan, who dominated this one and were off the ice early.

Kay Adams skips the Gillian Howard team, here against Binia Feltscher-Beeli this morning. The Swiss were runners-up last year.

Gillian Howard plays last stones for the Adams side, and got their first round win over the Swiss.

Eve Muirhead's team GB were also in action in Section B this morning, and were the winners against Karin Rudstrom's Swedish team.

Photos by Bob.