Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tiebreakers at the Glynhill

All the tiebreaker linescores are here.

Olga Jarkova's Russians were too strong for Kirsty Balfour's English side and qualified for the quarterfinals.

Claire Milne was two down against Cissi Ostlund in the eighth. With her last stone, Claire had a raise-takeout for the two she needed to tie, but the hit had to come a fraction more and she only got a single. The Swedes were through. That's the Milne team above in consultation in the last end.

And in the big five team mishmash, Jensen beat Sloan to go through. Munro edged Tirinzoni at the last stone of an extra end, in the first game! And as I made this post live, Gail's team were about to go on to the ice against the USA Olympic team, winner to qualify.

(Added later. Debbie McCormick hit and lay with last stone of the game for her win.)

Quarterfinal draw (08.30 Sunday):
A1 Ott
D2 Jensen

C1 Wang
B2 Meguro

B1 Muirhead
A2 Jarkova

D1 McCormick
C2 Ostlund

I hope all of that has made sense. It has been a long day!

Pic by Bob