Friday, January 15, 2010

Glynhill Friday 3

Right, we're in the second round of Section A. Sarah Reid's team played Mirjam Ott's Swiss.

And here is Mirjam. The Swiss won this one.

Kirsty Balfour's English team had Suzie Law playing the last stones for their game against Kirstin Skaslien's Norwegians, and stole the last end for their win.

In the other Section A game Olga Jarkova beat Judith McFarlane 6-4. All the Section A results are here.

Now for Section B:

Karin Rudstrom's Swedes, with Emma Berg playing the fourth stones, met the Gillian Howard team. Kay Adams skips and Gillian plays the last stones.

Here's Kay in action. Howard beat Rudstrom, thanks in particular to a six at the second end. The girls though had only three players for the duration, Sarah Macintyre sitting out the game with an injury.

And last but not least, here's Team GB - Jackie Lockhart and Eve Muirhead in discussion!

And here's Eve. Team GB was against the Netherlands in their second game and had a 6-5 win over Shari Leibbrandt to keep a clean sheet so far.

Moe Meguro's Japanese team came from behind to beat Binia Feltscher-Beeli in the other Section B game.

All the Section B results are here.

Photos by Bob.