Thursday, January 14, 2010

The calm before the storm

The volunteers are already hard at work at the Glynhill Hotel. L-R: Margaret Cathcart, Gillian Durie, Judith McFarlane (who is a co-charman of the event) and Anne MacDougall, welcoming the teams as they arrived this afternoon.

And here is Team Denmark. Denise Dupont seemed impressed with the tub of sweeties there on the table as a welcoming treat!

The ice technicians were working to prepare the ice at the Braehead rink this afternoon, and here it is ready for this evening's practice sessions.

(Did you know that there was an ice disaster here at Christmas when a condenser in the roof froze. That caused the plant to cut out, and ironically, when the water everywhere in the country outside was freezing up, in the Braehead rink the ice was melting. Manager Bruce Harley was the hero of the hour, by all accounts, and complete meltdown was avoided, just!)

Yes, it's the umpires! L-R: Robin Shand, Ian Addison, Alan Stephen. I'm not sure what the significance of the £ signs is. I think they are saying, "We've won the lottery getting to work alongside all these attractive women curlers." Or, "We've decided to run the event as a skins competition." Or maybe they are just indicating that they have bought Lucy and her team for BIG money (see here).