Saturday, January 16, 2010

Glynhill Saturday 1

The big game in Section B this morning saw Eve Muirhead's Team GB go up against Moe Meguro's Japanese. Both were undefeated at the Glynhill, and of course they will meet again at the Olympics next month.

Here are the Japanese team in action. It went to an extra end, with Team GB coming out the winners, and are the only unbeaten side in Section B. Find the linescores for Section B games here, and standings here.

08.00 in the morning. The umpires are already in action with the draw shot to determine who gets last stone at the first end. "Twelve inches, but don't use it as a rule," says Ian Addison.

And whose shot was that? It was Judith McFarlane's draw. That's Karen Strang, just making sure it's in the four foot. Karen says to the blog yesterday, "Bob, you don't take picures of us any more!" So, it's new to skipcottagecurling - we now do requests!

Here's Annie Laird, substituting for the Sarah Reid team in the absence of Laura Kirkpatrick, showing the way to the tee.

There's an early morning concern in the air in this photo of the Kirstin Skaslien team!

Sarah Reid

Caitlin Barr responded to the call for a sub to play for the Gillian Howard team, replacing the injured Sarah Macintyre.

And here's today's caption competition. Team England! "Anyway, he just appeared from behind the tree." Can you do better?

The Kirsty Balfour team went to an extra end this morning against Judith McFarlane's side, and won. In other Section A games, Reid beat Skaslien and Ott beat Jarkova. Mirjam Ott's team have won four out of four so far. Linescores are here.

In the other Section B matches, Feltscher-Beeli beat Rudstrom, and Howard beat Leibbrandt. Standings are here.