Saturday, January 23, 2010

International friendship

Back L-R: Nkeiruka Ezekh, Liudmila Privivkova, Anna Siderova, Ekaterina Galkina, Margarita Fomina. Front: Charlie Stewart, Jim Gentles, Iain Hamilton, Charles Jackson.

Back L-R: Coach Olga, David Horne, David Kane, David McGibbons, Euan Polea, Angus Shearer, Brandon McInnes, Amanda Marrs. Front: Margarita, Lucy, Anna, Kira, Katja.

Of course, you all know what this is about. The Russian Olympic squad have been practising all week at the Braehead rink, following the Glynhill Ladies International. They agreed to compete against the youngsters from Waterfront Young Curlers Club, and four stalwarts from the Nondies CC, skipped by Charles Jackson, last night. Both groups had bid for the chance to play against the women.

Great fun was had! And I must say the Russian women and their support did much to further the cause of international understanding and friendship. They were great with the youngsters. What an opportunity for these young people, and to remember for the rest of their curling careers.

Charles and Lucy

Charles had last stone of their four end game and had to draw to outcount a bundle of red Russian counters. And did so, Margarita's sweeping in vain. So, an honourable draw was the result!

Coach Olga gave a wee speech. That's Vasiliy Gudin at the end of the row. He is usually the Russian men's coach but has been here this week working with the girls. Ekaterina Galkina, nearest the camera, spoke for the team.

Sandwiches and snacks had been laid on, courtesy of the Glynhill event committee, and champagne courtesy of the hotel. And Braehead staff, Stephen and Steph were on hand to dispense the drinks and smiles, as they did so well too last weekend!

Pics by Bob.