Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quarterfinals at the Glynhill

Olga Jarkova (above) was Team GB's opposition in the quarterfinal of the Glynhill Ladies International this morning, the only women's Curling Champions Tour event in Scotland.

Quarterfinal linescores are here.

Lorna Vevers delivers, with Kelly Wood and Jackie Lockhart ready to sweep.

Jackie in the head.

Eve Muirhead

With a Russian stone in the twelve foot behind cover, Eve had to cut the eight with her final stone for the win, and this she did.

In other quarterfinals, Bingyu Wang's World Champions beat their Asian rivals, the Moe Meguro side from Japan, in a close game. Cissi Ostlund's Swedes beat the Americans. And in the last of the quarters, Angelina Jensen's Danish team took two in the eighth to tie the game, but in the extra Mirjam Ott made her last stone count to win.

"OK skippy. When are they going to do a calendar with you in it?" L-R: Eve Muirhead, Kelly Wood, Lorna Vevers

Pics by Bob.