Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday at Perth

I've made it to Perth today in time to see the third round of the Bruadar Scottish Men's Championship round robin. Jamie Strawhorn, Scott Hamilton, Fraser Hare and Don Frame, above, were in action against Team Murdoch. Scott and his team gave up a three in the third end and Murdoch ran out 7-2 ahead. That was Scott's first defeat in three games.

Fightback of the day goes to Pete Loudon's team who gave up six in the first end, but came back to beat Neil Joss!

All the results, linescores and standings are here.

The new digital clocks with the CurlTime system software are in operation. No longer do the timers have to sit out in the cold!

The times are shown on 32in flat screens beside the scoreboards. That's Glen Muirhead in the house. His team finished 7-2 up on Graeme Black's side, and is now the only side that is undefeated.

Hammy McMillan (in the background in the hat) lost for the first time, Warwick Smith making a hit and stay with last stone for the win.

The introduction of the CurlTime system has had some teething problems, and not all the screens were active. This is Tom Brewster delivering with David Edwards and Ron Brewster ready to sweep. The Brewster side got their first point this morning from three games.

Moray Combe plays last stones for the Sandy Reid side, Brewster's opposition this morning.

And this has to be the caption competition for the day. David Soutar and Scott Macleod.