Saturday, January 30, 2010

Penultimate Columba Cream draw

As many of you know, I'm not a big fan of women in black. Or navy, or even men's teams dressed in funereal colours. But with apologies, I have to post the photo above of the Sarah Reid team in this evening's draw. That's Barbara McFarlane and Laura Kirkpatrick at work on Kerry Barr's stone in the photo above. A well taken two in the eighth end saw Team Reid move to 4-1 in front. But they lost two in the ninth and Sarah faced two opposition stones when she went to play her last. A perfect draw to the tee sealed it, and Team Reid's hopes are still alive.

Eve Muirhead and Gail Munro had already qualified for the finals on March 5-7. But this round tonight and tomorrow morning's last game in the double round robin were/are all about deciding the 1-5 rankings, given the nature of the Page playoffs. Then there is still the possibility of the fifth place team getting a wild card entry to the top four, dependent on how the Junior Championships are decided next week in Aberdeen, assuming Anna Sloan is in the top four, and wins in Aberdeen.

In other games today, Claire Milne took three from Gail Munro in the first end, and Munro was always on the back foot thereafter.

Eve Muirhead were 6-3 in front of Anna Sloan in the tenth, and ran their opposition out of stones.

Hannah Fleming, Becca Kesley, Alice Spence and Abi Brown finally got to post their first win in the event, having been so close in a number of games. Their victims were their junior rivals skipped by Lauren Gray.

So here are the standings after thirteen games:

Muirhead 11 wins
Munro 9
Adams 7
Reid 7
Sloan 7
Milne 6
Gray 4
Fleming 1

So, who plays who tomorrow. Munro is against Muirhead; Sloan v Milne; Reid v Gray; Fleming v Adams. Work it out!

All the results and official standings are here.

Pic by B0b