Saturday, January 16, 2010

Glynhill Saturday 3

The final round of play in Section A saw Mirjam Ott's Swiss beat Kirstin Kaslien's Norwegians to top the section with an undefeated record. Second place was a contest between Olga Jarkova's Russians (on three wins) who were drawn to play Kirsty Balfour's English team, on two wins.

If Olga won, her team was through. But she didn't. Suzie Law, playing the fourth stones for the English side, was on fire. A wonderful raise saw the English make three at the fourth. The Russians tied it up after seven and lay two when Suzie went to play her last. Another raise takeout gave the girls the game, and a tiebreaker, against the same opposition tonight, for a chance to make the quarterfinals. Sarah's Reid's team would have been in the mix too, but they lost to Judith McFarlane in their last game.

Section A linescores are here. Standings are here.

Section B was easier to figure out. Team GB was through regardless. But the Muirhead side won their last game anyway (against Feltscher-Beeli) and that gave them an unblemished record in the event so far. Second place in the section would be the winner of the game between Moe Meguro's Japanese and Gillian Howard's team, which Kay Adams now skips with Gillian playing the last stones. The Japanese Olympic team prevailed, so Muirhead and Meguro are the two teams that have qualified from Section B.

The linescores are here, and the standings are here.

Photos are by Bob.