Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Clarissa's story

Outside curling enthusiasts might enjoy the little story that has just been posted on the Curling History blog here.

And the mainstream media has cottoned on to the possibility of a Grand Match. Here's a story from the Guardian.

Does your club have a team (or teams) in the Grand Match draw? You can check here. Just a reminder that you need to provide your own stones!

Mike Ferguson has been in touch, to remind me of who won last time! In fact the North beat the South 3937 - 3144. The highest up club was Edzell.

L-R: Bob Inglis, Robert Miller, Dave Wilson, Sandy Callagari, Dod Hay, Bobby Craik and David Hood Snr. (David Hood Jnr is missing from the picture, possibly away refreshing himself at the time, suggests Mike!)

Mike says, "As holders of the Grand Match trophy we are looking forward to the event being staged once again and given the opportunity to defend our title."