Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last taste of Columba Cream

The fourteenth set of games of the marathon double round robin in the Columba Cream Scottish Ladies Championship went ahead at the Dewar's Rinks this morning. The rankings are shown above, prior to the start of play. The top two teams, skipped by Eve Muirhead and Gail Munro, had no need to play, and didn't.

Gillian Howard (aka Kay Adams team) was against Hannah Fleming, and it went to last stone, Gillian playing a hit and roll in for the win, and moving her team to eight wins.

Sarah Reid beat Lauren Gray, and Team Read was on eight wins too.

Find the standings and linescores here.

That just left the key game to be decided. Claire Milne's team were on six wins, Anna Sloan on seven. Anna needed to win to be in the mix for the top four. What a game it turned out to be!

That's Claire Hamilton (21 today) and Rhiann Macleod doing the hard work in the pic above.

Milne played a great double in the sixth end to count two and go 4-2 ahead. But the juniors fought on, and led by a shot in the tenth. Claire Milne got the single to force the extra end, but she did not get cover in the eleventh. Anna had a hit and stay for the win and she played it perfectly!

That meant that three teams, Adams, Reid and Sloan, were all on the same record. Who had beaten who could not decide the rankings, which then had to be made on a Draw Shot Challenge. The winner of the DSC was Team Reid, and they were ranked third overall. The other two teams, Sloan and Adams, will now contest a tiebreak this afternoon.

Pics by Bob