Thursday, January 28, 2010

Columba Cream women

This was the position after the first of the second cycle of games this morning in the Columba Cream Scottish Ladies Championship.

This afternoon's games saw Eve Muirhead and her team beat Kay Adams and her team, with Gillian Howard playing the last stones. All the results, linescores and standings are here.

I've caught Gail Munro in a serious pose in this pic, talking to umpire Christine Shaw! But the Munro team were in good form today, and they kept their position on top of the rankings by beating Lauren Gray's juniors 8-2 this afternoon.

Here's Gail again. In the background is Lynn Cameron, third for the Claire Milne team which came from 5-2 down to win a tight game against Hannah Fleming's side.

And Sarah Reid's team defeated Anna Sloan in the remaining game.

So, after nine games, Munro and Muirhead have won seven, and three teams have won five - Adams, Milne and Sloan. What has tomorrow in store?

Pics by Bob