Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bruadar Scottish Men's Championship

In this game, it obviously helps if your name is Muirhead! This was the leaderboard at the beginning of the seventh round of the Bruadar Scottish Men's Curling Championship, and after the twelfth round of the Columba Cream Scottish Ladies Championsip. Eve Muirhead and her rink were top of the women's standing, and Glen Muirhead, her brother, and his team were on the top of the men's rankings.

So, did the men's standings change this afternoon?

David Murdoch and his team were up against Neil Joss. That's Gavin Fleming looking threatening on the left above, with David in the house, and Neil behind.

Here's the Murdoch machine in action, David joining Euan Byers and Ewan MacDonald on the sweeping of a Pete Smith stone. This was a good game for five ends, until Murdoch landed a big six and it was all over. Murdoch is now on six wins.

David Smith was against Glen Muirhead. The old heads prevailed in this one, putting Muirhead down the rankings but still with five wins. Smith and company are on six wins, the same as Murdoch.

McMillan v Hamilton was an important game too. After four blank ends McMillan posted a three in the fifth and they were on their way. McMillan is on six wins, the same as Murdoch and Smith. Hamilton's team remain on three wins.

Tom Brewster had a straightforward win over Graeme Black's young side. Team Brewster is now on three wins. Pete Loudon was 6-5 up against Sandy Reid in the tenth, with last stone advantage. He had to get a piece of a Reid stone part hidden behind a long guard, and did so! Team Loudon is now on three wins.

Two rounds still to go!

Pics by Bob