Friday, January 15, 2010

Glynhill Friday 2

Section C has Claire Milne (above), Bingyu Wang's Chinese, Cissi Ostlund's Swedes, Liudmila Privivkova's Russians, Karina Toth's Austrians and Hannah Fleming's Scots.

The Milne side was against Lucy and her team.

Not perhaps the best photo in the world, but I rather like the concept of synchronised curling!
Anyway, the Scots were the better on the day as Team Milne won their first round robin game.

Hannah Fleming's side faced the Austrians.

Here Karina Toth (in the blue jacket) involves her whole team in the decision making. Well done to Hannah and her girls who had a good win, helped by a four in the second end.

In the other game in Section C, Bingyu Wang's world champs from China beat Cissi Ostlund's Swedes.

So that just leaves Section C which comprises Debbie McCormick (USA), Russia's Yulia Svetova (but see below), Angelina Jensen, Gail Munro, Silvana Tirinzoni (Switzerland) and Anna Sloan (but see below).

Gail Munro was up against the Danes who are that country's Olympic reps. Angelina Jensen skips the team and Madeleine Dupont plays the last stones. Gail, who won the event in its inaugural year, got off to a good start and ran out in front.

Debbie McCormick's Team USA faced the third Russian team which was skipped by Daria Kozlova, above. The USA won this won easily.

The other Section D game matched Silvana Tirinzoni's Swiss team against Anna Sloan's juniors. Anna herself was unable to play this morning because she had a university exam. Jennifer Dodds played in the team, with Claire Hamilton skipping. The Scots though were well beaten by the Swiss side.

You can find the Section C scores here, and Section D here.