Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Future of the Glynhill

I've heard good news about the Glynhill Ladies International this morning. No sooner had I wondered what the future of the event might be in my post here, than the following arrived:

"Although Judith and Kirsty are taking a step back from the event, the future is secure. The Glynhill Ladies International is on a sound financial footing, the title sponsorship is guaranteed and other funding is continuing. Judith and Kirsty are delighted to have established this event in the Curling Champions Tour calendar and it is now set for future years on the following week to the event in Bern which makes it easier for teams traveling a distance.

The Organising Committee has done a tremendous job over the three years and many of them are continuing, but there are new people taking over some aspects of the organisation and this is good for the future. Fresh ideas and enthusiasm can only benefit the event and help towards the continuing success of the Glynhill Ladies International."

That has made my day!