Friday, January 29, 2010

Columba Cream on Friday morning

It was the tenth game of the double round robin of the Columba Cream Ladies Championship. Sarah Reid was against Claire Milne this morning in a key encounter for both teams. Sarah really needed to win this one to keep her hopes alive of a top four finish. She did. You can find all the scores and standings here.

Above, Kerry Barr is saying to Sarah, "If we just wiggle it past the pink, play the cannon off the brown and ram the red into the hole."

Eve Muirhead's Olympic squad was up against Hannah Fleming's junior side. They led 8-6 into the tenth, without last stone, but Fleming constructed a good end, and hit and stayed with her last for two. The game went to an extra. Four stones to come. Hannah lies two in the four foot. Her sweepers just could not get her guard over the hog! Eve promptly removes both opposition counters, and Hannah had nowhere to hide with her last. Team Muirhead now has eight wins from ten games.

In the battle of the other juniors, Anna Sloan prevailed over Lauren Gray. Anna now has a record of six wins from ten games, and her team is very much in the mix, third place in the standings.

Kay Adams (above), with Gillian Howard playing the last stones for the team, took on the other leaders in the standings skipped by Gail Munro. One up playing the tenth with the hammer, Kay set up the last end to steal. But she left Gail a possible double takeout, and with seconds left on the clock, the 2008 champion made that, counted two, and moved to eight wins from ten outings.

The eleventh round coming up later!

Pics by Bob