Wednesday, February 01, 2012

American Tourists at Lockerbie

The USCA men's touring team arrived in Lockerbie yesterday morning, the third stop in the Herries Maxwell trophy competition after Hamilton and Dumfries. The logistics of the three-week tour are complex, but having good transport is a prerequisite!

Every one named!

Four of the five teams were on the ice yesterday morning. A different side had the afternoon off. The question you are asking is, "How did the Lockerbie curlers fare against the visitors in the two sessions?" You can find all scores here. The tourists have their own site with scores and blog here.

Elegant broomstacking!

Mark Swandby from Madison, Wisconsin, is the Tour Team Captain.

Scott Hamilton and Jon Mielke.

I was pleased to catch up with Bill Rhyme. I first met Bill back in 1972 when living in Madison. Becoming World Seniors silver medallist in 2005 is apparently one of his 'curling highlights', but we ascertained in a wallow in nostalgia yesterday, that he was also winner of the second event at a bonspiel in Medford, Wisconsin, in 1974. Modesty prevents me from saying who skipped the winning team in that competition, with Ralph Durand, Tom Schroeder and Richard Maskell. Thanks, guys.

Dan Brunt was in charge of the house for Bill's stones!

I couldn't recognise this tourist from the photos on the US team's website, here.

It appears that the tourists intend to start every session with a song!

Courier Hugh Templeton doing what a courier needs to do - organising everyone for the parade onto the ice.

Russ Armstrong skipped his team to two wins yesterday. Russ was in the US team which reached the semifinals of the Silver Broom in Glasgow's Kelvin Hall in 1985.

Linda Green was making the visitors feel at home!

It was a grand day, and for the US party the fun continues at Stranraer today. The scoreboard shows that the tourists have already established a lead in the competition for the Herries Maxwell trophy.

Photos © Skip Cottage