Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scottish: Women 8

Kerry Barr (above) and her team had only one win to their credit before this afternoon's match in the Co-operative Funeralcare Scottish Women's Championship. Their opposition, Team Jackie Lockhart had five victories from seven.

A four at the fifth gave Jackie control and she finished 7-5 in front. Here's some pix from this game.

Jackie in full voice!

Here's the front end in action. Sarah Macintyre and Kay Adams on their skip's stone. Karen Kennedy in the house.

Rhiann Macleod and Helen King bring Caitlin Barr's stone into the house.

Jackie's serene delivery!

This was an important game. Gail Munro and Sarah Reid both had four wins from six outings. The teams were tied after eight. The ninth would have delighted fans from the 1950s with fourteen stones in the house behind one guard. (No I didn't get the photo - use your imagination). Of course no-one in the gallery could see what was where. Gail played a hit, and when the smoke had settled, her team had counted three. It was all over.

No it wasn't! Skips stones in the tenth and Gail just has to hit either of the two Reid counters for the win. One was close to a guard, the other was open on the side. Gail elected to hit the open one on the wing and skinnied past on the outside. Sarah drew for a third and we were watching an extra end! You couldn't write the script!

In the extra, Sarah tried to get around a stone in the front twelve. But on a big big swinging hand she rubbed the guard and rolled open. Gail, for the second time in the match, had an open hit for the game. Did she miss again? Of course not. She was spot on for another win, giving the team a five win - two loss record. I'm off to lie down.

Elsewhere in the Dewar's rink, Eve Muirhead and her team got another win, this time against the Jennifer Dodds' side. Team Muirhead now has six wins and only one loss.

Hannah Fleming's team romped to a 6-1 lead against Katy Richardson, skipping the Gina Aitken team again, and were always in command. Hannah now has five wins, two losses.

Find all the results and standings here.

Good to see one of our young curlers, Maggie Wilson, in the timekeeping crew!

16: Egg Foo Yung
31: Sweet and sour pork
with fried rice, please, and prawn crackers.

"Mmmmm. That's a new perfume!"

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