Friday, February 17, 2012

National Curling Centre at Kinross is Dead

The plans to have a national curling centre on the Market Park site in Kinross have come to naught. For many, the end has been in sight for a while, so today's news will be no surprise. The following communication, sent to all Kinross Curling Trust members from Trust Chairman Bob Tait, is self-explanatory.

"Members are advised that the package of funding for the construction of the national curling centre has not been achieved within the end January deadline set by sportscotland. The conditional offer of grant of £1.5m from sportscotland made in June 2011 has therefore lapsed ending the original project at Kinross announced by the RCCC in Oct 2008.

At the AGM on March 4 I will provide fuller information, answer questions and, as a basis for discussion, outline some possible ways forward to safeguard the long term future of curling in Kinross. I urge members to attend. On behalf of the Trustees I thank members for their strong commitment and support (moral and financial) and patience over a very challenging period.

To bring new skills and energy to the Board, I encourage members to come forward for the two positions of elected Trustee - closing date 26 February by 2pm."

Some day I may have the energy and inclination to write the obituary of the National Curling Academy. I have more than ten years of records to re-visit. But not today. Not when I'm enjoying the best of Scottish curling at the national championships in Perth. So I'll just wish the locals at Kinross every success for the future, and commiserate with those who have put their time and efforts into the project over the years.

Let's hope future decisions for curling in Scotland are better ones than have been made in the past.