Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Scottish: Women 5

The women were back on the ice at 08.00 this morning at the Co-operative Funeralcare Scottish Women's Championships at the Dewar's Rink in Perth. Eve Muirhead and her team of Anna Sloan, Vicki Adams and Claire Hamilton had enjoyed an early night, with their bye. Their opposition today, Jackie Lockhart, Karen Kennedy, Kay Adams and Sarah Macintyre, had been on the ice till late yesterday, when they were beaten by Hannah Fleming's junior champs.

It was a close one. Jackie had a fortunate bit of luck at the fifth when, drawing against two and looking heavy, her stone picked up and stopped on the button. That made it 4-3 in Team Lockhart's favour. The next four ends were blanked, and that took Eve into the final end with the hammer, but trailing by a shot.

Unable to set up cover and go for her two, Eve had to hit against two with her last to count a single and force the extra end. Lying one at the edge of the four foor, Eve tried to flop over behind the guards but slipped to the back of the house. Jackie had a straighforward hit for the game, and she made this perfectly to have a three win - two loss record.

Gail Munro's team are now the only undefeated side.

You can find all the other game scores here, but what follows are some photos I took during the Muirhead Lockhart game. Above: Jackie is in the head, with Anna and Eve behind.

Jackie delivers, with Sarah and Kay ready to sweep.

Claire Hamilton

Vicki Adams

Vicki and Claire

Sarah Macintyre

Kay Adams

Kay and Sarah

Anna Sloan

Karen Kennedy

Jackie Lockhart

Anna in charge

Eve Muirhead


Photos © Skip Cottage