Friday, February 24, 2012

Wheelchair Curling Worlds

The World Wheelchair Curling Championship in Chuncheon City, South Korea, has reached the playoff stages. Unfortunately, Scotland is not involved, having finished in a disappointing eighth place in the rankings, on a record of three wins and six losses.

Korea, Russia, China and Slovakia are the top four. As at writing this post, China has won the Page 3-4 game, and Korea is in the final, having beaten Russia in the Page 1-2. This set up a semifinal game between Russia and China.

All the scores and ranking, daily reports and photo galleries, can be found here.

Canada, in seventh place, and Sweden, in sixth, both had the same win-loss record as Aileen Neilson's Scots. If you have a good broadband connection you can watch video of the Round 4 Sco-Can game here.