Sunday, February 05, 2012

Quarterfinals at Aberdeen

Quarterfinals of the Petrofac Aberdeen City Open were underway at Curl Aberdeen this morning. The Scottish Junior Champions, skipped by Kyle Smith, were up against the Susan Kesley team. Tied in the eighth, Susan's squad just couldn't pull off the upset, and the holders were going home.

Tom Brewster, still with brother Ron at third, faced a depleted David Jack team. Reduced from a five man side to three this morning, John Penny was in the head. They established a four shot lead over Team Brewster before the latter slipped into gear to progress to the semis.

Kerry Barr and Billy Henderson faced each other and Team Barr dominated the men in this one.

Paul Stevenson and Alasdair Seftor are the skips in the head. Team Stevenson held the advantage in the game.

All the scores and standings are here.

Semifinal lineups:

Brewster v Stevenson
Barr v Smith

Photos © Skip Cottage