Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Scottish: Women 6

I have to admire the commitment of title sponsor The Cooperative Funeralcare to the Scottish Curling Championships this year. One of the things they have been doing this week is providing transport to Perth for keen supporters of the game. Here is Andy Stone (his real name!), one of the drivers, with car and guests (L-R) Lennox Lindsay, Dhru Prakash, Steve Malloy, Bobby Corbett and Robin Shand. I can vouch that they had a great day at the Dewar's Centre.

Olympian Rhona Martin at the welcome desk with (L-R) Stuart Murdoch, Andy Stone and Ross Drummond.

So, what about the curling?

These were the standings before this evening's draw. Gail Munro met Hannah Fleming, the latter counting two in the tenth to force an extra end. A fascinating extra developed with Hannah continuing to cover her stone in front of the four foot. She tried to better this with her last, but still gave Gail the chance to cut the four foot for the win. She needed wide ice though, and despite hard sweeping from the front end, she came up a little short. Game to Team Fleming, and Team Munro's first loss!

Here's Hannah

I get the impression that Gail is not happy with this one!

Alice Spence is NOT crying out in pain, she's just calling the stone's weight.

'Voice of the Day'. Lauren Gray.

On other sheets, Gina Aitken has had to sit out a game. She's still recovering from her knee surgery. Katy Richardson took the head, and Hazel Smith (on the right) came in to play third, joining Rowena Kerr and Rachel Hannen. The youngsters fought out a good game against Eve Muirhead but finished second tonight.

All the other scores and current standings are here.

I haven't mentioned the umpires and timers who, as always, are working long hours and ensuring the competitions run smoothly. This comment was offered freely, without coercion! Honest.

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