Friday, February 17, 2012

Scottish: Men 9 - final round robin session

The ninth game in the Co-operative Funeralcare Scottish Men's Curling Championship began with seven teams still in contention for the four playoff places. David Edwards was already in the Page 1-2, by virtue of his undefeated record. Team Edwards was against Tom Brewster in tonight's game. Brewster with five wins needed another victory to secure his playoff place.

David Smith and David Murdoch were on the same 5-3 record as Brewster. Wins for them would secure their places in the top four. Smith faced John Hamilton and Murdoch was against Jay McWilliam. Jay, as well as the Logan Gray and Ewan Macdonald teams, all on four wins, could if they won their own matches, get a tiebreaker if any of Brewster, Smith or Murdoch lost. Just to make things even more difficult to follow, Gray and MacDonald were playing each other. I hope you are following!

But if the above has been a bit complex, go here to see all the linescores and standings.

As it turned out, David Smith's team won. Murdoch clawed back into his game against Jay McWilliam from 1-5 down after seven, and that match went to an extra. Grant Hardie was right on target with his last stone though, and that gave the McWilliam team a place among the three teams finishing tied for fourth place in the rankings.

Brewster was one behind in the tenth, but had last stone advantage, and got his two to win without needing to play it.

Page 1-2 will be Edwards v Smith. Brewster is in the Page 3-4 and awaits his opposition. There will be two rounds of tiebreaks. McWilliam had beaten both Murdoch and MacDonald, so he sits back and awaits the winner of the Murdoch - MacDonald game, tonight! The winner then will meet McWilliam tomorrow morning. I hope that is all clear, and, more importantly, that I've got the information correct!

Top photo: Alasdair Guthrie is in the head for the Logan Gray team.

This photo is from the Brewster - Edwards game.

The Gray - MacDonald clash was between the two extremes of the curling fashion spectrum. ' 'Men in Black' v 1960s 'Flower Power'. Which camp are YOU in?

Photos © Skip Cottage