Friday, February 17, 2012

Scottish: Women Last Round Robin

With four teams ahead of her in the standings, Sarah Reid (above) had to win her last round robin game at the Co-operative Funeralcare Scottish Women's Curling Championship at Perth today. The Reid team's final game was against the Euopean Champions, Eve Muirhead, Anna Sloan, Vicki Adams and Claire Hamilton.

Jackie Lockhart had already played all eight games and was on a won 6, lost 2, record. Hannah Fleming and Gail Munro were on 5-2 records. Eve was on top of the standings on 6-1.

If Sarah could beat Eve she would still be in contention, but only if Hannah or Gail lost their game. Hannah was against Kerry Barr, and Gail faced Katy Richardson, skipping the Gina Aitken team.

So what happened? Well, Sarah's team did beat Muirhead, and seemed comfortably in control throughout.

Gail Munro, Lyndsay Cumming, Katie Wright and Jodie Milroy had quite a battle against their young opposition, Katy Richardson, Hazel Smith, Rowena Kerr and Rachel Hannen. Gail was well up but Katy fought back. The Munro team needed the four foot for the win at the tenth, but messed up the sweeping, and Gail's hammer slipped just inches too far. It was into the extra end. With Richardson stones in the head, Gail again had a draw for this win, and this time there were no mistakes and it was put on the tee. Game Munro.

Team Fleming was two down playing the ninth, without, and finished by stealing one and then three more, when Kerry was heavy with her last stone draw for the game.

When the corn fluff had settled, there would be no tiebreakers. Indeed there would be no Page playoffs. The Royal Club rulebook differs from the WCF rules in the circumstance that four teams tie for first place. Two semifinals will be played. Eve Muirhead will meet Jackie Lockhart in one, and Gail Munro and Hannah Fleming will battle it out in the other.

All the results and linescores are here.

Top: Sarah Reid. Above: Claire Hamilton and Vicki Adams sweep Eve Muirhead's stone.

Katy Richardson

Photos © Skip Cottage