Sunday, February 19, 2012

Scottish: Women's Final

Eve Muirhead, Anna Sloan, Vicki Adams and Claire Hamilton were against Gail Munro, Lyndsay Cumming, Katie Wright and Jodie Milroy in the televised final of the Co-operative Funeralcare Scottish Women's Curling Championship.

Gail hit against four in the second end. Anna curled one perfectly around a short stone in the third and that set up a two for Team Muirhead when their skip drew for the second counter. The decisive end was the fourth. That's the position in the photo above as Eve played her last stone. Gail then missed her takeout of the two Muirhead stones and fell 1-5 behind.

The end came in the seventh. Gail just failed to get her last buried, and Eve had a straightforward hit to count four. Although the teams had to play another end according to the rules, the game was over.

Claire Hamilton, Vicki Adams, Anna Sloan and Eve Muirhead are the Scottish Champions! They will be our representatives at the Ford World Women's Championship, in Lethbridge, Alberta, March 17-25.

The linescore and all the other results are here.

Eve Muirhead

Katie Wright and Jodie Milroy are the sweepers on Gail Munro's stone.

Gail Munro

Claire Hamilton and Vicki Adams

Anna Sloan

Jodie Milroy

Lyndsay Cumming

Photos © Skip Cottage