Friday, February 17, 2012

Elsewhere in the curling world ...

Eighteen teams will take part in the first of the Asham Under-14 Slam events, at Braehead tomorrow. The Royal Club's Judith McFarlane has organised this in four sections, of short games. Play starts at 08.45, and the final is scheduled for 16.45.

Here is a list of the teams taking part.

Section A: Euan McDiarmid (Forfar), Ross Cormack (Kinross), Lucy Morton (Ayr), James Hair (Lanarkshire), Alastair Tweedle (Stirling).

Section B: Finlay Campbell (Kinross), Layla Al-Saffar (Forfar), Luke Carson (Lanarkshire), Jake Hawthorn (Waterfront), Mairi MacDonald (Lanarkshire).

Section C: Lewis Leslie (Kinross), Sandy Scott (Inverness), Jill Strang (Lanarkshire), Lisa Davie (Stirling).

Section D: Kirsty Barr (Murrayfield), Scott Lockhart (Aberdeen), Taylor Hay (Lanarkshire), Andrew Archibald (Forfar).

I think this is just a wonderful initiative, and wish I could be at Braehead tomorrow to see the youngsters enjoying themselves. Good curling to them all.

The USA touring team looked in at the Dewar's Centre this morning, on route from Inverness to Kelso. Did I mention that they have captured the Herries Maxwell trophy and have had a whale of a time along the way. Read about their exploits on their own blog here.

Well done to Galloway Ladies who had their most memorable moment ever at Stranraer Ice Rink yesterday when a rink from the club scored an eight ender in the Low Road semifinal of the Lyburn Trophy. To add to the tension there was a measure for the eighth stone!

Clockwise L-R: Joyce Maitland (2nd), Gillian Campbell (3rd), Isobel McLelland (lead) and Helen Smith (skip). The losing team remain as anonymous as ever. Except of course that they get the Rhona Martin 'Try Harder' award. This award commemorates the fact that Rhona, in the season that she won the Olympic Gold, herself lost an eight at Greenacres. So there you are - lose an eight, win an Olympic medal. Ironically, because of this award, Rhona is actually the only 'I Lost an Eight' curler, who is not anonymous. Is she happy about this? What do you think.

Thanks to The Galloway Gazette for the photo and Louise Kerr for the info.