Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blogally to the rescue

No sooner that I mentioned that I hadn't been able to get a photo of the memorable ninth end of the Gail Munro - Sarah Reid game in this afternoon's Co-operative Funeralcare Scottish Women's Championship, than blogally Paul Cromey stepped in to the breech, and sent me the above, taken with his iPhone from the spectator seating!

There are fourteen stones in the circles. Some might describe it as 'a bit of a guddle'! Lyndsay Cumming and Gail Munro are discussing what Gail should play with her last shot. They are lying one yellow. They decided on a heavy weight takeout on the front yellow - making sure not to get caught on the lone front guard - and that removed a couple of the reds, and they scored three! Gail said afterwards, "Our one looked safe enough and it was worth the risk."

Thanks Paul. iPhone 4 one - Canon 40D zero.