Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Henderson Bishop Teams 2

Here are the other teams competing in the Henderson Bishop Competition 2012. The first batch of photos is here. Please let me know if any names are incorrect.

Lockerbie. L-R: Marilyn Muir, Margot Woods, Marion Mather, Ann Johnstone.

Dumfries. L-R: Sophie Jackson, Heather Morton, Fiona Telfer, Naomi Whyte.

Waterfront. L-R: Alison Cleary, Kay Freshwater, Helen Murray-Lyon, Wilma McIntyre.

Perth. L-R: Ann Hewitt, Margaret Cairns, Vilma Kirk, Ann-Maree Davidson.

Murrayfield 2. L-R: Sue Scotland, Kirsty Galloway, Alison Dick, Jennifer Dodds.

Stranraer. L-R: Beth Aitken, Fiona Hardie, Beryl Niven, Gail Munro.

Forfar. L-R: Sheena Carcary, Louise Nicoll, Juliet Fletcher, Jo Fletcher.

Aberdeen. L-R: Sheona Duncan, Gun Remahl, Barbara Oag, Liz Scatterty.

Photos © Skip Cottage