Thursday, February 09, 2012

Men in Black see the Light

Of all the teams that I might have expected to embrace the colourful revolution, this team was at the bottom of my list! The former Scottish Senior Champions had been 'Men in Black' to the core. Suddenly, today, at the Lanarkshire Ice Rink, my faith in a colourful, less funerial future for our sport, was restored! The occasion was the first round of the Scottish Senior Men's Championship, see here for results.

That's Keith Prentice in the hack. Tommy Fleming and Robin Aitken are the sweepers. Lockhart Steele had to be persuaded into these Loudmouths*, apparently, but he too has a pair ....

.... as has alternate Archie Craig. Great fun - and that's the second time I've said that on the blog today!

Gary Macfarlane and Jim Hogg were not amused!

Bob Kelly, Stuart Naismith and Graeme Adam take a moment to discuss which colour option their team might suit.

Dave Kelly says, "Fancy pants are so last season." But so far he has been unable to persuade his teammates to his way of thinking on team uniform. Here Dave and David McGaan sweep Willie Jamieson's stone. Gordie Kennedy is in the house.

Billy Howat.

Stewart Robertson poses in front of the Lanarkshire Rink's welcome.

Jim and Gary had quite a battle in their first round game, going down the last end, tied. With three lying against him, Gary was just heavy with his final stone. All the results and standings are here.

And don't forget that the women's competition continues, with Section C on the ice for the first time today. Follow what happened here.

*These are the 'Big Buzz A' design in the Loudmouth range, see here, and are currently discounted on the company's website!

Photos © Skip Cottage