Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Scottish: Men 4

There's always so much to watch at the Co-operative Funeralcare Scottish Championships. Today I've concentrated on one game at a time. This morning it was the Eve Muirhead - Jackie Lockhart match, and this afternoon it has been the David Edwards - Graeme Black game. Edwards of course started the session as the only undefeated team.

That's the skips in the head above. David engineered a good two in the eighth to go 6-4 in front. Graeme blanked the ninth. With three Edwards stones in the house, and his own counter in the twelve foot, Graeme attempted the triple with his last. Near, but not near enough. Team Edwards now has four points from four starts.

On other sheets ... Tom Brewster played out a close one against David Murdoch, winning at the last stone. All the other scores, and the standings, are here.

Here are some photos from the Edwards - Black game.

Scott Hamilton is in charge of the head, as John Penny and David Edwards watch behind.

Team Edwards having a moment of reflection. L-R: John, Colin and Scott.

Graeme Black

Scott Hamilton

Colin Howden

Alan Marshall

David Edwards

John Penny

Scott Macleod

Colin Campbell

Graeme in full voice!

Alan and Colin

One for the sponsors!

"Dancing on Ice." Scott Macleod.

Photos © Skip Cottage