Saturday, February 11, 2012

Glasgow Young Curlers Reunited, and other stories

In the late 1960s and in the 1970s, Glasgow Young Curlers Club, based in the Crossmyloof Rink in Glasgow, influenced the course of the sport in Scotland. And we had a lot of fun! It has been great this week for me to see so many former GYCC members on the ice at the Scottish Seniors Championships at the Lanarkshire Ice Rink, Hamilton. Forgive me then if the first thing I mention in my post tonight is nothing to do with the action on the ice, but rather is about two special visitors who turned up at the rink today. Ian Webster was a member of the youngest team to win the Royal Club Rink Championship back in season 1970-71. His photo is in this post, alongside Graeme Adam, Ken Horton and John Brown. Ian has worked for the past thirty-some years in California. (I wonder if he knows the Bond Girls?)

That's Ian on the right in the photo above, next to Willie Jamieson. And from left: Jim Stirling, Ken Horton and Graeme Adam. And the attractive woman in the middle? Fiona Best was a popular member of GYCC way back then. Not a surprise when she went on to become a successful model. And she still turned lots of heads at Hamilton today.

Fiona drove me to drink. Yep. She was a Tennent's Fifth Series 'Lager Lovely'. Further research can be carried out here.

Fiona ran a successful modelling agency and now owns Catwalk Productions, a Professional Events Management Company.

Anyway, where was I?

The Hazel Swankie team (that's Margaret Scott with Hazel above) were unlucky losing out simply on ends in qualifying for the quarterfinals. As I write this, these quarterfinals are underway, and you can find the results here.

Here are Willie Jamieson and David Kelly (both GYCC). The Jamieson team beat Don Stark at an extra end to ensure they were part of the four-way logjam in Section E with Stark and the Graeme Adam and David Hardie sides. Go here to see how this resolves.

Graeme Adam. I believe this signal indicates to the team member what is likely to happen to him if he misses the brush on the next shot!

Jim Hogg delivers with Stuart Armstrong and Bob Carruthers ready to sweep, Stewart Robertson in the head. Jim and his team tied for second place in Section D with Gary Macfarlane. Keith Prentice is already through to tomorrow's semis, without losing a game.

Photos © Skip Cottage