Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Scottish: Women 3

Jackie Lockhart and her team of Karen Kennedy, Kay Adams and Sarah Macintyre had won both of their games yesterday. Gail Munro, Lyndsay Cumming, Katie Wright and Jodie Milroy only had one outing yesterday, and had won that. That's Jackie and Gail in the head in the photo above when they met this afternoon in the third round of the Co-operative Funeralcare Scottish Women's Championship.

The game was decided in the tenth, the teams tied with Gail having last stone advantage. Jackie drew behind a centre guard, and Gail followed her down to be perfectly frozen, and lying shot. Jackie's last attempt wasn't close, and Gail's team had the game without needing their hammer.

All the results and standings are here.

Good to see Gina Aitken back on the ice after her injury which has kept her on the sidelines for a while. Her team of Katy Richardson, Rowena Kerr and Rachel Hannen should have been playing against Jennifer Martin today.

But for Team Martin it was a case of calling on the substitutes - a new back end - Michelle Silvera and Claire Milne, joining Fiona Telfer and Mhairi Anderson. Claire was on form, a 'simple' double takeout to count three and win in the last end.

Eve Muirhead's team were undefeated after their two games yesterday, and got another point with a win over the Kerry Barr side.

Caption competition here. "That was a really nice Valentine's card you sent me, Eve,"

And while we're on the subject of February 14, I note that the World Curling Federation is running a wee interaction on their Facebook page. Their FB post reads, "With Valentine's Day approaching we thought we would find out who are the heart throbs in our sport. Which World Championship-level Curler would you like to receive a Valentine's Day Card from?"

One Scot in the replies, as of this morning. It seems Jackie has a German fan. Holger, the pic above is just for you.

From me to ..... You all know who you are!
"Roses are red, my stones are blue .................... "

Action photos © Skip Cottage. Valentine's circles from the WCF.