Saturday, February 04, 2012

More Blue at the City Open

Here are some more teams in the Blue Section, and more blue action, from the Petrofac Aberdeen City Open at Curl Aberdeen. Above is the Tom Brewster team, getting some ice time in advance of the Co-operative Funeralcare Scottish Championship later this month. Michale Goodfellow, Tom Brewster, Greg Drummond and Scott Andrews. Actually ....

.... Greg was ill today and unable to play, so coach Ron Brewster (aka Rocket Ronnie) filled in for him in today's games. You can find all the results here.

L-R: Lewis Houston, Andrew Dolman, Murray McGregor and Andrew Hutcheon, skip.

L-R: Andy Ferguson, David Millar, Mark Buchan and Angus Robertson, skip.

L-R: Mike Watt, John Wilson, Alan Durno and Neil Durno, skip.

Tim Stevenson

Pierre Barbier, captain of the French pirates.

.... who even have their own beer!

I got all the teams to line up lead to skip, left to right. As here for Team Lothian Loudmouths: Scott Baird, Alan Russell, Graham Young, Ian Keron, skip.

Here's a fairer representation!

L-R: Evelyn Cran, Allan Spence, Craig Carter and Murray Cran, skip. Richard Craig also played for the team, as did George Joss, see below.

Susan Kesley

Rhiann Macleod. "The eyes have it!"

"Mother was always telling me not to chew my fingernails!" Scott Andrews.

You just know the team is in trouble when Graham Snedden is looking to play this outrageous outwick!

Here's George in action.

Fran Stretton has been asked if she will pose for the new Goldline catalogue!

Kerry 'Oh for a kirby' Barr.

'The Face of the Competition' award goes to .... Alan Durno!

David Steel.

'Girl of the Day'. It's Barbara Wood's birthday.

Mother and Daughter. I hesitate to say which is which. "Happy Birthday' to you, Barbara!

Photos © Skip Cottage. Hopefully that's all the teams identified. Let me know if I've missed anyone!