Saturday, February 04, 2012

Red Saturday

Operation Hub, Petrofac Aberdeen City Open, Saturday morning, early. Albert and Louise. Find all the results here.

Alison and Rosemary making decisions.

Billy Henderson

What is needed is a little 'shut eye' early in the morning. Jaap van Dorp and Maggie Wilson.

Roy Haites and Ron Whyte watch behind Ian Grigorious.

Women in black taking part in the 'hunt the kirby' event!

Did I mention that this is the final event in the Scottish Curling Tour?

Maggie Wilson team at work.

Here are the remaining two teams playing in the Red Section at the Petrofac Aberdeen City Open at Curl Aberdeen this weekend. You can find all the results here.

Above: L-R: Craig Whyte, Alan Mitchell, David Smith, John Jo Kenny, skip.

L-R: Kerr Drummond, Kyle Waddell, Thomas Muirhead and Kyle Smith, skip.

Who said men can't multitask? Kerr Drummond, Scottish Junior Champ, ice tech AND playing for Team Smith again this weekend.

Photos © Skip Cottage