Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Scottish: Women 4

With Eve Muirhead's team having their bye this evening, the question was could the Gail Munro team beat Jennifer Martin to go to three wins too, in the Co-operative Funeralcare Scottish Women's Championship? But wait a minute - that's another strange women on the ice as a Team Martin sub!

Not so strange. Yes, it is indeed Lynn Cameron, playing third stones to Claire Milne, and here being asked, "Did you not get any Valentine's cards either?"

Find all the results and standings here.

Here's Gail. The game came down to the last end, tied, but Gail did not need the hammer, as Claire tapped up her opposition's stone in trying to get round it. That meant another point in the standings table for Team Munro.

Helen King, third for Team Kerry Barr, is in the head in this shot, with Lorna Vevers and Sarah Reid behind. Good game this one. Tied coming down the tenth, Kerry with last stone advantage. Faced with a draw to the four foot for the win, she put it on the button.

And something different for the blog tonight. It's a 'guess whose bling' competition. To whom does this hand and wrist belong? (Clue: solid silver, were handcuffs.)

Photos © Skip Cottage