Sunday, February 19, 2012

Drawing the House at Lockerbie

In amongst all the national and international championship news, I must mention a fund raising event held last night at the Lockerbie Rink.

Keen junior Ellen Boomer (14) is diabetic. It's ten years since she was diagnosed, and, to her credit, she decided to mark this date by organising a charity curling event. It was a simple idea. Ellen, her sister Koren and friend Hannah Beattie, would throw 160 stones.

Each sponsor could guess how often the girls could draw the house. Well, the girls managed to draw 107 times from a possible 160. A total of £720 was raised! Is that not first class.

Well done to the girls, and to the management and staff of Lockerbie Ice Rink for supporting their efforts.

Ellen has already appeared on the blog. Find her photo in this post.