Sunday, February 05, 2012

Last Post from Aberdeen

I rather enjoy being an 'event blogger'. This year's Petrofac Aberdeen City Open was as much fun as last year. The competition is a reminder of the Le Gruyere European Championships 2009 and the good times that were had during that event, see here.

The Petrofac Aberdeen City Open was only three days, but they were three days to remember. Here are some photos to illustrate the highlights, and the bizarre, which crossed my lens.

Kerry Barr rehearsing for a part in the remake of John Cleese's Ministry of Silly Walks, see here.

Paul Stevenson performs a hakka during the 3rd/4th playoff!

Lesley Young caught with her secret team language!

Coach of the Weekend award, Shari Leibbrandt.

It was good to see the young team from the Netherlands skipped by Jaap van Dorp.

Could this team be 'The Bag Ladies'? (Team Susan Kesley)

I found Fiona Smith knitting, as she supported her partner Craig Whyte. Could she be knitting a curling sweater as advocated by John K Samson, see here?

Or were these wee curling stones that she was knitting?

Nope. Fiona was knitting grapes. Apparently you can knit all sorts of fruits, rhubarb and bananas included. Whatever is the world coming to?

Is Maggie Wilson saying a wee prayer, do you think?

Hugh Thomson, who is training to be a yoga instructor!

Is Susan Kesley really bodychecking Kyle Smith?

Ethan Brewster (left) teaches Scott Andrews some useful concentration and mental ability exercises!

Wheelchair curlers were in the mix!

A front end doing what front ends do! (Rhiann Macleod and Caitlin Barr)

Louise Edwards set up a great blog for the results service, see here. This is an idea that many other events could copy.

My horse found a new friend. The race night was great fun, see here.

Arthur Beattie. Open curling has no barriers!

If you were lucky (or perhaps unlucky), your table at the buffet included seven women. Team Arkley lead Ross Bartlett with his 'minders'!

Birthday cake for a birthday girl, Barbara Wood.

Since '62? Surely not. Kyle Smith.

Rear ends doing what rear ends do. (Kerry Barr and Helen King)

Did I mention that the Petrofac Aberdeen City Open was the final competition in the Scottish Curling Tour?

No idea at all what's happening here.

Colin Smith of sponsor Petrofac, and Lord Provost Peter Stephen with the runners-up, Kerry Barr, Helen King, Rhiann Macleod and Caitlin Barr.

'Hardest Worker of the Weekend' award went to Albert Middler, and Albert's efforts were recognised by a gift of this caricature likeness, as drawn by Graham Maclennan. John Bremner made the presentation.

And here are the winners of the City Open trophy. Back: L-R Ron Brewster, Tom Brewster, Greg Drummond. Front: Scott Andrews, Michael Goodfellow.

Photos © Skip Cottage