Sunday, February 05, 2012

Petrofac Aberdeen City Open: The Final

The final of the Petrofac Aberdeen City Open was a 'Battle of the Sexes'!

Michael Goodfellow, lead for Team Brewster, was against ...

... Caitlin Barr, lead for Team Kerry Barr.

Scott Andrews, second, opposite .....

.... Rhiann Macleod.

Ron Brewster, third, faced ....

.... Helen King

Tom Brewster, skip, was in the head against ...

... Kerry Barr.

Who won? The linescore is here.

Cracking game it was. Tied going down the last end, and the women made Tom draw full eight foot for the win. Would he make it? Of course, to the button.

Well done to Tom, Ron, Scott and Michael, and to Kerry, Helen, Rhiann and Caitlin.

Photos © Skip Cottage. More later.