Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday's Report from Inverness

Here is the Northern County Ladies Henderson Bishop organising committee. They have looked after everything, and everyone, brilliantly this week.

Back L-R: Alice Dickie, Roz Urquhart, Rosemary Rankin, Brenda Macintyre, Jennifer Brown, Fiona McLaren. Front: Maureen Fraser, Margaret Pottie, Kate Adamson. (Photo is courtesy of Wee Barras, see below)

In the class 'photos of those not in the team pics' here is Pat Robertson, substitute in the Stirling team.

Janice Rankin is now in the Murrayfield 1 team.

Wee Barras looks to be enjoying herself!

Lucy Head is in the head, with Fiona Telfer and Naomi Whyte behind.

Some friendly games this week!

I've had lots of interest in what the green buckets are for. One suggestion is that they can be used should any competitor feel unwell, especially early in the morning, or if that nasty flu bug starts to go around. I did think that green was not necessarily the best colour if for the latter use!

Here's one use to which the buckets have been put - drawing the raffle!

We have a winner! And I was surprised and delighted to find my ticket had won a prize, courtesy of the Rohan shop in town. (Just off to spend my voucher!)

Last night there was a fashion show, with some of the competitors as the models. No, I wasn't in attendance, but I did have an accomplice, who smuggled out some pix from the evening.

Here are the models. L-R: Claudia Schiffer, Lucy Liu, Linda Evangelista, Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen, Pippa Middleton.

Wee Barras (above) was my accomplice, and it's thanks to her for the photos taken with her camera, by other secret operatives!

Alice Dickie

Abbie Brodie. (Note that these are not her gardening clothes.)

Meanwhile, back on the ice ....

Maggie Barry, Scottish Senior Champion with Barbara Watt.

Maggie's a great study for the aspiring photographer!

Lucy Head. Remember when we all loved Lucy? As Lucy Levack, World Junior Silver Medallist, in the Julia Ewart team in 1995, or was it 1996? (I know the answer, do you?)

Joan Maxwell I know well as one of the hosts in the 1980s in the great years of the Highland Junior International, and it was super to meet up with her again. She was encouraging the players and spectators to visit the Ness Soaps stand.

On the stand were these little curling stone soaps! The organisation's website is here. The company provides a work opportunity for local people with learning disabilities.

Well kent organiser of the Highland Junior International, Innes Rankin, gets a colouring lesson this morning!

Isabel Gillespie

Two for the price of one. Alison McRae and Kay Freshwater.

Last but not least, here is soon to be vice-president of the Royal Club, Alan Durno, with Agnes Gordon who, as Agnes Dunbar, was the first person ever to step on to the ice when the Inverness Rink was built. She was the Centre's first skating coach.

All the results and standings are here. The competition gets serious tomorrow with the semifinals and finals.

Photos © Skip Cottage. Thanks to Wee Barras for the secret pix from last night.