Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scottish Mixed Final

This pic comes from the fourth end of the Scottish Mixed Curling Championship at Curl Aberdeen today. David Edwards (front in the photo above) was trying to steal with lots of stones in play behind a centre guard. It was looking good until his last stone swung too much and slipped past the shot stone. Neil Joss drew for a second and was ahead 3-1 after four.

The linescore is here.

David Edwards, Kerry Barr, Scott Macleod and Louise Wood were defending their title, with Scott new to the team in place of Dillan Perras. They took two at the fifth to tie the scores. Neil with Judith McFarlane, Gary Rutherford and Margaret Richardson were forced to take their single at the sixth, a little fortunate too not to give up a steal.

Down by one in the seventh, Dave had a decision with his final stone. He lay one and, rather than simply drawing for a second, elected to play a split on a short stone hoping to get the three. He played perfect back ring weight but his stone curled and slipped by the short stone and out the house.

A count of just one tied the scores going down the last end, Joss with the hammer. Team Edwards lay two as Neil went to play the last stone of the game. A hit on the nose was required, but it failed to curl enough and rolled away. Edwards had stolen the end, the game, and was Scottish Mixed Champion again. Congratulations to David, Kerry, Scott and Louise.

L-R: Louise Wood, Scott Macleod, David Edwards, Kerry Barr, Scottish Mixed Champions 2011.

Photos © Skip Cottage