Sunday, March 20, 2011

WWCC2011: Scots Win Against USA

Leslie Ingram-Brown sends this report of Scotland's second game at the Capital One World Women's Championship in Esbjerg:

"The game may have gone to the wire and it may have been the result of an awful miss by US skip Patti Lank but Anna Sloan, Claire Hamilton, Vicki Adams and Rhiann Macleod justifiably recorded their first win here at the Granly Hockey Arena, Ebsjerg, Denmark.

The game did open with a couple of three's, one in favour of each team. Anna missed twice with draws in the opening end and then the USA politely handed back the same score with misses by Jessica Schultz, Caitlin Marold and Patti Lank.

Thereafter it was anyone's game right up to the last end where the score was tied 6-6 and the USA having last stone. Sloan's team put on the guards which the USA removed with ease.

Anna parked her last stone draw, not on top of the opposition stone as intended but slightly to the side. Hit it anywhere and the game was the USA's. But Lank missed.

Afterwards Anna said that she had to make sure that she (Lank) must play her last stone, and thought her team had deserved to win. They were playing and working well as a team but must learn better stone placement."

The official website is here, and Mike Haggerty's reports are on the Royal Club website here.

Photo of Anna courtesy of Leslie Ingram-Brown.