Friday, March 25, 2011

WWCC: Canada-Switzerland tiebreaker

Leslie Ingram-Brown reports from Denmark:

The tie-break game for the fourth playoff spot started all so tamely. Canada, by winning the round robin game against Switzerland, held the hammer and blanked the first end. A mistake by Switzerland's skip Mirjam Ott - attempting a raise double take-out - allowed Canada's Amber Holland to draw for two shots.

Fourth end and a stronger end for Switzwerland was completed by Ott coming round a guard and tapping back the Canadian shot to lie two. A mistake on Ott's last stone double attempt in the fifth leaves Holland a draw for three. On outside ice with a huge dive at the end she is fractionally short but takes a healthy lead 5-2 into the break.

The sixth end sees more pressure on Switzerland as Ott faces two shot, but she hits and rolls to count a single. Again in the seventh Holland has a free draw for two and a lead 7-3.

The game came to life in the eighth. Facing two shots, Carmen Schaffer, the Swiss third, played an excellent freeze with her second stone. Holland, who had been throwing at over 90% for the game, then failed twice. Ott made the draw for three.

Ninth and Canada blank. In the tenth, with Switzerland lying shot at the top of the four foot to tie the game, Holland chose to ignore the tap back and played what has been her strength this week - the draw - and laid it right on the tee for an 8-6 win and the right to play Denmark tomorrow morning at 10:00 in the Page 3 v 4 game.

Switzerland is ranked fifth at this Capital One World Women's Curling Championship.

The official website is here, and all Mike Haggerty's reports can be found on the Royal Club website here.