Sunday, March 06, 2011

WJCC Sunday: Scotland W v Switzerland

This is a 'technical timeout' in tonight's Scotland v Switzerland game at the World Junior Curling Championships. The 'eye on the hog' handle has stopped flashing! And it's not simply a case of sending a volunteer down to the supermarket to buy another battery.

Anyway, how did Eve, Anna, Vicki and Rhiann do tonight? A stolen three in the fourth end was the story of the game, Manuela Siegrist too heavy with her last stone. The Scots were 6-4 up coming down the ninth, and when they scored another big end, the Swiss conceded.

Scotland, played three, won three.

You can find all the results here.

Scotland's Anna Sloan in full voice!

Spotlight now on the Swiss team:

Here's lead Janine Wyss

Second, Claudia Hug

Third, Briar Hurlimann

Skip, Manuela Siegrist

Photos © Skip Cottage