Thursday, March 10, 2011

WJCC Thursday: Scotland W v Russia

This is a 'coach interaction' during the Scotland - Russia game this morning. Gordon Muirhead discusses options wih Eve, Anna, Vicki and Rhiann.

The Scots were up against Anna Sidorova's Russian team in the eighth round of the World Junior Curling Championships at Perth. It was a tight game, although Eve had a couple of chances to score big ends. The break came in the eighth when the Scots counted three. It should have been four, Eve too heavy with her last stone. Still, it was enough. The girls came down the tenth one ahead with the hammer, and when Eve cleared away a partially hidden Russian counter with her last stone, the Scots were back on the top of the standings and in the Page 1-2 playoff!

Eve Muirhead

The results are all here, and the standings are here.

Photo © Skip Cottage